See Damon Poole at Agile Boston tomorrow

Damon Poole will be at Agile Boston tomorrow night.  Here is a preview of Damon's talk:
KANBAN and SCRUM, Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter
You may have heard that Scrum and Kanban are mutually exclusive or that Kanban isn't good for large software projects. In fact, much as Scrum and XP play well together, so do Scrum and Kanban.
This session will introduce Kanban from a Scrum perspective, show how the Lean practice of "One Piece Flow" is the key to both, and look at how to mix and match Scrum and Kanban to fine tune a process that fits your circumstances. This will include: decoupling once-per iteration activities from the iteration, work-in-progress limits, and the concept of "pull."
Register for the event, and I'll see you there!

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