The Agile Games conference is great. I have the privilege of participating in this year’s conference as a facilitator. On Friday, April 20, I will lead a game session called “Self Management: 5 Games with Motion.” We’ll play kinesthetic games that explore command-and-control versus self management. These are some of the most outrageously fun games you’ll ever play—I dare you to bring them back to your office and play them at work with your team!

On Saturday, April 21, I will facilitate a full day of Open Space. I attended my first Open Space a few years ago, facilitated by Harrison Owen, the inventor of Open Space. Harrison’s amazing facilitation and the power of Open Space blew my mind; it marks a milestone in my life. I facilitated the world’s longest Open Space with my team last year, and I’ll use that experience lead a great Open Space at this year’s conference. I hope to inspire great conversations about Agile, Agile games, and building great software with great people.

Register for this year’s Agile Games conference. You’ll love it!