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Get into coding with CoderDojo

CoderDojo is an open-source global movement of free volunteer coding clubs where young people learn to create websites, games, apps & more!

Join us Jan 11, Jan 25, and Feb 1 from 1-2:30 PM @ 320 Summer Street in Boston where we are hosting Scratch (beginner) and C (advanced) classes!

Signups available at: http://charlesrivercoderdojo.org

What is coding?
Code is the language of computers, including those in phones, cars, and even in lightbulbs! Learning to code is learning to talk to computers in their native language.

Why learn to code?
Aside from how cool it is to build your own games, apps, and websites? You’ll be able to take your creative ideas, make them a reality, and then share them with all your friends! Coding and digital creation are invaluable skills these days, and computers are an ever more important part of life. Understanding how computers work and the best ways to interact with them will open up lots of opportunities for you!

What happens at a dojo?
At a Dojo, you can do a bunch of cool stuff! As well as coding, you could be designing video games or websites, creating awesome graphics, building electronic circuits or high-tech clothing, or even making and editing films and music! Basically, anything related to computers in any way! Also, you’ll be working with other Dojo attendees, presenting the cool stuff you make to your Dojo or a showcase event, and once you know what you’re doing, you can start mentoring other attendees!

How do I join the Charles River CoderDojo?
Visit our website – sign up at charlesrivercoderdojo.org