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A worldwide unconference for enthusiasts for Clean Language, metaphor, self-organisation and emergence, co-created by its participants.
We’ll connect using elegantly simple video conferencing systems which mean we can communicate easily, in a very human way. We just don’t have the costs and hassles of travel. 
The basic structure is inspired by Open Space Technology, with a few tweaks to help things along online. 
The event will officially run from 9am to 10pm UK time PLUS some pre-event-events from 7am. These will include an Australia-led session from 7am and an “in-conversation” with David Grove’s longtime friend and collaborator Dafanie Goldsmith at 8am.
The main sessions will kick off at 9am with a keynote from Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, before the “opening of the space” from 10am. Anyone can propose and run a session: you don’t need to be an expert to make it happen! An interesting quesiton can be a great place to start.
You don’t have to attend the whole event. People from around the world will be dropping in and out as their timezone allows. 
The first Metaphorum, in September 2016, and the second in March 2017, were awesome – hear what people said about them by clicking the images below.

Click the green “Tickets” button above right to book your seat for 3 February 2018.
Once you’ve booked, please ask to join the Facebook group, here. That’s where discussions about what’s going to happen will mostly be taking place.
New To Clean Language?
Metaphorum is a great place to meet experts and enthusiasts of Clean Language from a variety of backgrounds. Most sessions will include Clean Questions and invite you to ask some yourself.
In order to maximize your value at the conference we recommend that you at least:

Have the basic Clean Questions at hand (having read them before is a plus :))
Invest a few minutes upfront to understand what Clean Language is about. There are a few sources that will help you with that including Caitlin Walker’s TEDx Talk and Judy Rees’s free ebook. You will find loads of demonstrations on Youtube if you want to dig deeper before the unconference.

Technologically Challenged?
To participate live, you’ll need an internet-connected device with a headset and, ideally, a webcam. There is a phone backup, but you’ll miss out on some elements if you can’t use video. The video “dress code” is very casual – nobody expects you (or your background) to look as if you’re on TV.
Want Recordings?
This is a real, live, interactive event, not a string of “webinars”! We want you to be in the conversation.
Recordings will be available, but are more expensive than a live ticket. Place your order here. Recordings are not included in the price of the live ticket.

If you want to attend but can’t afford the ticket price, there’s organising work to do and barter may be possible – please contact me.