I joined my wife, Molly, and a group of around 25 old and new friends at the Open Space Institute’s conference on Peace and High Performance. I drew this quick sketch of Harrison Owen, creator of Open Space Technology as he reminded us how easy it is to connect using Open Space: just sit in a circle, get a bulletin board, open a marketplace, and it works every time.

My highlight of the conference was a session that Molly and I convened called, “How to create more love”. We’ve been pondering current events and wondering how to foster more love in the world. A thoughtful group of participants joined the conversation, and we hit upon some important themes:

  • Love is both a feeling and an action. It’s a verb. You have to act on it for it to be there. (Harold Shinsato shared this idea, giving credit to Jim McCarthy.)
  • It can’t be forced. It’s a gift to offer, not something to smother someone with.

How do you create more love?