Have you ever tandem-bicycled? Molly and I cycled across Upper Austria on a tandem this summer. We enjoyed the vistas of the Danube River with its lush green hills, medieval towns and castles, and vineyards.

Tandem cycling is an incredible team experience. Being on one bike together brings us into a state of high “teamness.” We have clear roles. Molly is the brain of the operation, navigating us turn-by-turn from start to finish each day. I follow the navigator, steering and keeping balance. I talk to my teammate continuously, more than ever in my life. We share simple notices like, “shifting bigger,” “braking,” “coasting,” and “pedaling.” Without this tight correspondence, we’d fight each other on the pedals. She might bounce off the saddle, or I might lose control of the steering. We share how we’re feeling with each other, making sure we are both well-fueled, happy, and full of energy. We are in a state of shared vision, headed in the same direction and powering the drivetrain in unison. It’s a beautiful way to experience each other.

This my best team: Molly and me. What is your best team? What are some of your practices to get into a state of shared vision and be great together?