Self-management and self-organization: Agile games with motion

Self-management and self-organization, or command-and-control: it's a deliberate choice for you and your team, not a default that you blindly accept. But what if your team has never experienced self-management and self-organization? Here are five Agile games with body movement that let people experience it first-hand. Line up This is a game with a [...]

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Radical Innovation: The Six Week Open Space Experiment

Thanks to everyone who attended my session, "Radical Innovation: The Six Week Open Space Experiment," at Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012 this week.  My slides are here.  My hope: each of you will hold Open Space when you return home.  Will you email or tweet me your experience?  

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The Official Agile Reading List

If you could only read one book on Agile, which would it be? What about two books? Three or more? Here is the Official Agile Reading List, the full list of recommended reading to get you Agile: Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Start here. Everything else derives from this. The Scrum Guide by Ken Schwaber and [...]

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The best of the best: family-size team in a family-size space

I build great software with great people. We need a great space in which to do it. For the last year, we’ve been experimenting with an open plan collaboration space. Instead of working as individuals in cubicles, we work together in a space with no walls between us. For the first six months, [...]

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Perfection Ping Pong

Perfection Ping Pong is derived from the Perfection Game, one of the McCarthy Technologies Core Protocols, and inspired by TDD Ping Pong.  This game will support you in your desire to aggregate the best ideas with people who are available only via communication channels such as email and IM. Source: Player A and Player [...]

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Agile Games 2012: Open Space and Games with Motion

The Agile Games conference is great. I have the privilege of participating in this year’s conference as a facilitator. On Friday, April 20, I will lead a game session called “Self Management: 5 Games with Motion.” We’ll play kinesthetic games that explore command-and-control versus self management. These are some of the most outrageously fun games you’ll ever [...]

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Don’t suck at meetings

You opt in and show up at a meeting. You type an email to your boss. Or maybe you IM someone in another building. Sometimes you tweet something or send a text message. Would you do that if you were having dinner with a close friend? Would you act like your friend isn’t worthy of [...]

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Open Space Technology: Pushing the Limits

Six weeks of Open Space—it’s a new world record! I facilitated a six-week-long Open Space with my software development team. As far as we know, this is a unique experience: we are the only people in the world to have held an Open Space for such a long time. We pushed the limits of Open [...]

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